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At New You Career Coaching, we specialize in empowering women to achieve career success. Our founder, Olivia Bahrami, is a Certified Career Coach, offering a people-first approach to customized coaching services. With 15+ years of progressive experience in corporate marketing and communications, global mobility/relocation, people leadership and entrepreneurial spaces, Olivia has seen and experienced it all. She brings the IT factor through her unique experience, perspective, bubbly and charming personality and transparent approach to help you succeed.


Our mission is simple: to meet the unique needs of women in global mobility/relocation, working moms, women in corporate marketing or communications functions, women who are looking to get into or succeed in leadership and those pursuing solopreneurship/entrepreneurship. We offer a personalized range of career coaching services customized to your specific situation, aimed at delivering real results and inspiring the motivation you need to achieve your career goals.

As an ambitious working mom and wife, Olivia is passionate about supporting other women just like her, and equipping them with the tools they need to succeed, whether that be in the corporate space or in entrepreneurship.

Are you ready to invest in yourself? Reach out and let's get started. I'm excited to work with you!


Olivia Bahrami

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what clients say

Adriana D. | London

"I am truly grateful for Olivia's support. The personalized career guidance and strategic insights have been instrumental in getting to the next step in my career.
Olivia helped me with my resume, interview role play and salary negotiation and I got the job! Highly recommended!"

Jessica B. | Niagara Falls

"As a busy mom of two looking to return to the workforce, I used Olivia's services to help me get into entrepreneurship.
Her personal story, tactical approach and journey helped me believe in myself and I started my own freelancing business. I am so happy I took the leap." 

Sarah B. | Toronto

"I was nearly out of a job when I reached out to Olivia. Olivia's approach can be summed up in one word: INVALUABLE!
From re-creating my resume to interview role play, I was able to secure a new job in 2 weeks."

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